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Prince Edwards Fries Choose to Use Quebec's Finest Cheese Curds in Their Poutine Recipe

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Title: "Savor the Authentic Taste of Quebec Cheese Curds at Prince Edward's Fries Food Truck!"

Are you a devoted poutine enthusiast seeking the most authentic and delectable poutine experience? Look no further, because Prince Edward's Fries Food Truck is the place to be! We're not just any chip truck or poutine truck; we're your ticket to a culinary adventure that revolves around the ultimate Canadian comfort food.

Our secret to crafting the perfect poutine lies in our choice of cheese, and when it comes to cheese curds, there's no substitute for the rich, authentic flavor of Quebec cheese curds. At Prince Edward's Fries, we take our commitment to quality seriously, and that's why we source the finest Quebec cheese curds to ensure an exceptional poutine experience for our customers.

What sets Quebec cheese curds apart? These fresh, squeaky cheese curds are made from the highest-quality, locally-sourced dairy milk. Their unmistakable texture is crucial to a great poutine. When you take a bite into our poutine, you'll be greeted with the satisfying "squeak" that true cheese curd connoisseurs crave.

Our Prince Edward's Fries Food Truck is your one-stop destination for poutine perfection. We expertly prepare our golden, crispy fries, smother them in rich, savory gravy, and then top it all off with a generous helping of those irresistible Quebec cheese curds. The result? A gooey, melty, and savory experience that's simply unparalleled.

Whether you're a lifelong poutine aficionado or a first-timer, Prince Edward's Fries Food Truck guarantees a taste of poutine perfection that'll keep you coming back for more. Experience the magic of authentic Quebec cheese curds and indulge in our delectable poutine creation.

Join us at our food truck and savor the true taste of Quebec in every mouthwatering bite. Don't miss out on the poutine experience of a lifetime – only at Prince Edward's Fries Food Truck!

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