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Food Truck's French Fries and Poutine, where did it all begin

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

It was said that the best potato for making French fries or poutine in a food Truck is typically one which s high in starch and minimal moisture content. This said, the most ideal potato that can be used for French fries is the Russet potato. Russet potatoes in general have a high starch content and low on sugar, which makes it crispy on the outside and soft inside. Other potato varieties that can also be used for making French fries in a food truck or Restaurant include:

  1. Russet Ranger

  2. Russet Norkotah

  3. Shepody

  4. Kennebec

These varieties have similar characteristics and are suitable for making delicious French fries. Keep in mind that the texture and flavor of your fries can also be influenced by factors such as the cooking method, oil temperature, and seasoning, so it's essential to consider these factors as well when making French fries. were did French Fry originated The exact origin of French fries is a subject of debate, but they are often associated with both Belgium and France. Here's a brief overview of the history and the debate surrounding their origin:

  1. Belgium: Some people believe that French fries originated in Belgium, where they are known as "frites" or "frieten." According to this theory, the people of the Meuse Valley in Belgium were frying small strips of potatoes in the late 17th century, long before the dish became popular in France. Belgian-style fries are typically thicker than the French version and are often served with a variety of sauces, including mayonnaise and various flavored ketchups.

  2. France: The term "French fries" suggests a connection to France, and it is often believed that French fries were introduced to France by American soldiers during World War I. The French initially referred to them as "frites," and the name "French fries" likely stuck due to the language barrier. French fries became popular in France and are now a common menu item in French cuisine.

Regardless of their precise origin, French fries have become a beloved and ubiquitous fast-food item worldwide, known for their crispy exterior and tender interior. They are enjoyed in various forms and styles in many countries, with numerous toppings and condiments to accompany them.


can you use different type of potato? simple answer is yes, but it all depends in the kind of potato. some potato actually have higher moisture or water content which will affect its cooking process.. it is important to note that the person tasked to cooking your spuds is experienced and have the ability to adjust cooking parameters in order to deliver the best quality french fries in restaurant or food truck...

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